My Story

Just four years ago, I was tied up to a fence, eating rocks, with maggots in my stomach that ate through to my uterus.  Thanks to the higher powers of the universe, the good people of Much Love Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, California found me, cleaned me up, fed me well, and provided surgery for me to fix up my little uterus.  

Before I knew it, my mama was walking to the Farmers Market in Santa Monica where I was sittin' pretty waiting at a pet adoption stand and we locked eyes.  It was love at first sight!  Since that day, I have been living life to the fullest - traveling the world with my mom, feeling beyond loved by my family, friends and fans, and adorned with affection and kind words by so many loving souls across the world!  

Today, all I hope to do is provide strength to those who are in tough places in their lives to know that you CAN and WILL make it through if you don't give up!  I am proof that there is beauty with "imperfection", that you don't need all of your teeth to feel like a star, and that you can survive anything if you put your heart into it.

Thank you from the bottom of my 6 pound soul for following along my journey - I am so, so grateful for all of you.  I love you guys!